TOUR FRANCE 2019 - Region of Occitanies - Valley of the Lot

By Claudia - Ivanoe & Sil



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AMERICAN TOUR: 31 jul - 23 aug 2016 ...... the dream come true by Wingstore!

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   Many thanks to Nunzia and Maurizio for the organization, management, support and impressive itinerary ... well done!


 North Europe & Baltic Republics 2015

The Far North is the place where silence is poetry and nature is revealed majestic, seductive and absolute......Click below.



 Many thanks to Massimo Campanardi for his efforts and the fine direction in making this album 

Super VRCC-Austria Meeting : 14 - 17 august 2014 .... well done!




We rode through Grossglockner with fog and heavy rain. The satisfaction, however, was great in meeting new and old friends. A big thank to Christine & Einstein,for the excellent organization and to all those who contributed. See you soon...By: Sil - Ivanoe - Massimo - Roberto - Aldo & Giovanna - Eli & Bjørn. ..... Info Treffen [ Click Here ]





Last NordKapp #3:  july 2013 -  Once again!




We are all back home, within our own families and our everyday life. This morning woke up, I looked out the window to see the illusion of fjords, lakes and mountains, but unfortunately I got a very different landscape. We had an unforgettable journey and our eyes have enjoyed views that words fail to describe. The colours, the scents and scenery that Norway has offered us, feel us really happy of this tour.

This has been ​​possible thanks to you Bjorn and Eli, thanks to their care, availability and hospitality that feel us to be with true friends. We will never forget this ride. Ciao! ByIvanoe, Claudia, Massimo and Sil.


 Sardinian Mamuthones Ride : 21-22 & 23 sept  2012


Four days of intense, surrounded by warmth, sympathy and perfect organization of Sardinia Section, here is what was the Mamuthones Ride; an invitation, which has spoiled us all Wingers with enthusiasm and pleasure to be together. We wandered far and wide ... (it's appropriate to say!) to the Gulf of Orosei discovering history, sea views and a rare beauty ... We greeted the fall of wearing the sun 'summer and delighted our palates with all the dishes that can do this magical Island. Congratulations to Agostino, Mario and all the members of the Section, thanks to Nicola, Teresa, Aunt and Uncle Piero Pietrina for the great hospitality and courtesy. There could be no better way to end the season and although the ferries I don't have a great feeling, it was worth it and I'd like to come back again to enjoy the atmosphere and scents of Sardinia!By Eros |See  the SlideShow |

 NordKapp #2 - " The Return" :  july 2011


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Many thanks to Grisùfor his skill in production and editing of above movie - Grazie !  




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Many thanks to VRCC Austria for a great meeting! By Sil - Ivanoe & Claudia - Massimo - GianPietro & Tina - Emilio & Angela -

Silvano & Graziella - Paolo S. - Gian Ambrogio & Olimpia - Wolfgang & Esmeralda.


 Sardinia Ride 2011 "The Return"


  We thank our  Sardinian friends  Agostino ,  Mario,  Antonello,  Mirko  and Alfredo,for supporting us by riding, itineraries and infos for these unforgettable Sardinia tour #2

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  Bergamo: june 18, 2011 - Eli & Bjorn .... just married!



 Album and DVD by Grisù ( ) - | See the SlideShow | | Download Photos |

Album by Bjorn ( ) -   | See the SlideShow | | Download Photos |


We thank Grisù for the professional photocall, album and DVD....well done! Appreciation and thanks to Claudia & Giorgio of Ristorante Arti ( ) for help and support in managing the Marriage as well as the fabulous wedding banquet. Finally thanks to all Italian and Norwegian friends for attending the party.


Spain Ride 2010


        Through France-Pyrénées and Galicia....... | See SlideShow |  


          NordKapp (alone): It was july 2008


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